7 Most Addictive Games (2024)


  • CS:GO remains one of the most played games on Steam, thanks to its unique tournament scene and a market system for trading weapon skins.
  • Minecraft's limitless possibilities and open-ended nature make it extremely addictive, with players constantly seeking to create extravagant buildings to impress their peers.
  • Apex Legends has quickly gained a large player base due to its captivating gameplay and high-skill ceiling, leaving room for continuous improvement and hours of gameplay.

Some games leave players' minds shortly after closing them, while others stay etched in their brains for a long time. There are currently many addictive games on the market that quickly get gamers hooked. Certain examples can maintain millions of concurrent players worldwide and show no signs of stopping. A few have even gotten involved in potential legal trouble.

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These addictive games have erected sturdy communities and have friends indulging in hours of gaming regularly. From Shooters, MOBAs, MMORPGs, Sandboxes, Simulations, and even old single-player games, addictive games know no genre and rely on their quality to get fans hyped for more.


7 Most Addictive Games (1)

Despite running on an old engine, having 64 tick servers, and heavy competition, CS:GO remains one of the most played games on Steam. CS:GO remains relevant due to its one-of-a-kind tournament scene. The tournament scene definitely keeps players interested... but there are two factors influencing the game's success.

First, CS:GO has a market system for fans to trade weapon skins that allows players to freely trade their skins or sell them entirely. Currently, CS:GO regularly sees around 1 million concurrent gamers, but that number is soon to change. Counter-Strike 2 is being developed to fix all the issues faced by CS:GO. CS2 is close to its official release and is sure to stir up the gaming industry when it does.

6 Minecraft

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Minecraft is the best-selling game of all time. Players can spend hours doing various tasks in Minecraft and end up with more jobs than they started with. With how beginner-friendly Minecraft is, it didn't take long for the game to surge in popularity to the number one spot worldwide. The game is great for getting friends to play together for hours and never run out of things to do.

Minecraft players constantly seek to create extravagant buildings from real life or other video games. A recent player Recreated Savathun’s Throne World From Destiny 2 and was met with praise from fans. The nearly limitless possibilities of Minecraft as well as its inherent open-ended nature make the game hard to put down.

5 Apex Legends

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While Apex Legends is still fairly new, it has quickly gotten thousands of gamers hooked across the globe. Since its release in 2019, Apex Legends has seen immediate success due to its captivating gameplay and smooth mechanics for a shooter. Apex Legends has a high-skill ceiling that always leaves room for players to improve and play differently.

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Many friends play the game together for countless hours burning to outsmart all their opponents and seize a victory as the last team standing. The Battle Royale genre can be exceedingly addictive, and Apex Legends is no exception.

4 The Sims 4

7 Most Addictive Games (4)

Not every gamer wants to spend hours in PVP or PVE games, as some want a life simulation. The Sims 4 has created a massive modding community allowing gamers to tailor their game to their taste.

While the base game has plenty of content and depth, adding mods to the experience elevates it to another level that allows players to create their ideal simulation and invest countless hours in it. The best Sims 4 mods serve only to make the game more engaging and immersive.

3 Rust

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Players will either spend a few hours a day on Rust or their whole day, as there is no in-between. Since Rust continues to progress when players log off, many gamers invest lots of time to get ahead of the competition. Players will grind the best monuments in Rust for hours to progress past other gamers in the server.

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Many Rust players have thousands of hours in the game and regularly joke about the game taking over their lives. The title is difficult to get into unless players have a seasoned friend to help them understand Rust's mechanics.

2 League Of Legends

7 Most Addictive Games (6)

League of Legends has become synonymous with players gaming late into the night to the point where the sun would rise. Since its release in 2009, League of Legends has slowly carved its path to becoming one of the most popular games currently available. LoL is among the most viewed Twitch games and sees a tremendous surge in views during tournaments and events.

Players are hooked on improving their skills in the game and going on winning sprees. The game also has a strong social factor that allows friends to spend hours chatting while playing on teams.

1 World Of Warcraft

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World of Warcraft is an oldie but goodie that has kept gamers addicted since 2004. Many World of Warcraft players struggle with addiction issues with the game. A star actor in Stranger Things has discussed how WoW "ruined" his life by consuming so much of his time.

Since WoW was released in 2004, the game has had lots of time to create plenty of additional activities for players to sink their teeth into. Players get overwhelmed by the vast amount of things to do and get hooked. WoW runs on a monthly subscription model to fund its development team, and that money is spent on creating new content to keep both old and new players in the fold.

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  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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7 Most Addictive Games (2024)
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