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Our Beauticians

2 Types of Beauticians for 2 Types of Makeovers

Vanilla MUAs

perform our

Classic Makeovers

(Feminization Sessions)

on clients.

  • Will comfort and empower you
  • Will do your makeup how you want it to look
  • Will help you pick out your clothes, shoes, wigs, etc.
  • Will listen to your needs, to help manifest your vision
  • Will show you how to pose gracefully for photos
  • Will never laugh at you

Vanilla MUAs are dedicated makeup artists who have graduated beauty school and work in local beauty salons. They are talented and passionate about cosmetology, wishing to see more men getting their makeup done and experiencing the process from a woman’s viewpoint. Our Vanilla MUAs love helping crossdressers feel beautiful and accepted by doing their makeup, dressing them up, helping them walk in high heels, engaging in ‘girl talk’, and teaching feminine comportment & mannerisms. GLOSS connects these career-beauticians with crossdressing clients who are interested in vanilla makeovers, while providing the private space for full immersion into femininity. You’ll experience true empathy walking in the shoes of a woman.

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perform our

Roleplay Makeovers

(Sissification Sessions)

on clients.

  • Will control and humiliate you
  • Will do your makeup against your will
  • Will chose your outfit and make you wear it
  • Will punish you for disobedience
  • Will force you into degrading poses for photos
  • Will laugh at you

GLOSS Girls are freelance makeup artists and beauty specialists who have a passion for dominating, feminizing, and sissifying men, turning them into their submissives. Though some are not classically-trained makeup artists, GLOSS Girls practice makeup application daily and have plenty of experience turning friends and clients into passable sissies. Our GLOSS Girls are active in local BDSM/kink communities, usually as Pro Dommes, Lifestyle Dommes, or switches, and know what it takes to make even the most masculine man submit to her as a dress up doll. GLOSS connects these beauticians with clients interested in our Roleplay Makeovers, providing the private space for a full transformation and kink-themed photography session.

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Our Roots

GLOSS started in Hong Kong as a passion project by American crossdressing traveler, Scarlett Sensi. She always had a deep appreciation for the weirder parts of society and a tendency to bend the rules. Through traveling the world, Scarlett made friends with members of international BDSM & kink societies, who taught her to be proud of crossdressing, especially as it is frowned upon by the masculinity-fueled mainstream society. She wanted to get better at dressing up and fully embodying her previously suppressed feminine spirit, but found it difficult to find consistent female friends to help guide her.

Scarlett started visiting alternative beauty studios in 2014, seeking accessible male-to-female makeovers but realized that there didn’t exist a business with the perfect recipe she was looking for. The ideal studio would offer fantasies manifested in real time, organic makeovers resembling ‘forced feminization’ with elements of submission and consensual humiliation. She wanted something vanilla yet kinky, accessible, accepted, and understood yet mentally satisfying: professional results from a beauty salon, paired with the discretion and open-mindedness you’d find from visiting a dominatrix.

The Temple of Feminization was born on Lamma Island, off the coast of Hong Kong, in 2019. Scarlett turned an unassuming apartment into a one-chair beauty studio and hired open-minded freelance makeup artists as the staff. These beauticians became the GLOSS Collective, making their own hours and working their magic on a different clientele culture than they were used to previously. The Collective found empowerment in feminizing, beautifying, dominating, sissifying, and stripping masculinity away from male clients who sought acceptance and empathy.

The ‘Gloss HK Experience’

We’ll start by having you sit down while we cover your face in full makeup. Once you’re nice and pretty, we’ll have you get undressed privately and into some cute lingerie. From there, you will put on the clothes we picked out for you, complete with a wig to suit your look. We’ll get you into your high heels and teach you how to take the first few steps in them. Don’t forget to sway your hips; make your butt swish! A touch of perfume really pulls together the feminine mystique before we make you model your new look for us. Hopefully you can walk gracefully in your heels! If not, we’ll teach you. We might even get to do your nails!

Awww look how pretty you are! Time for photos. Say cheese…


The Future

The Hong Kong protests caused Scarlett to leave HK and return to New England, USA at the start of 2020. GLOSS HK is still alive and running, with the help of a progressive local establishment, the Eaton HK Hotel. As China tightens its grip on our beloved fragrant harbour’s autonomy, the future of GLOSS HK is uncertain. For now, Scarlett is fully focused on bringing GLOSS to life on the east coast of the United States.

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The Creator

Scarlett Sensi

Hi, I’m Scarlett and I created the original Gloss Studio. I have always been attracted to anything considered counterculture, which is why crossdressing has stood out to me for as long as I can remember. I love how it makes most cookie-cutter people uncomfortable by provoking unusual thoughts and feelings foreign from internalization. Crossdressing is weird, unique, beautiful, and especially artistic. I created this collective out of my love for raw femininity, offering an outlet to those brave enough to let go of their ego and embrace empathy. We empower our beauticians to create an experience you won’t find elsewhere.

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Do you like walking on the wild side? We’ll make you love it.

Beauticians Who Turn Men Into Pretty Women » GLOSSDRESS (2024)
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