Woodman's Gas Prices: Everything You Need To Know (2024)

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One of the most important economic news in the past several months is the record-high gas prices. Consumers are frustrated every time they visit the pump for gas fill-ups. As of this writing, thenational average per gallon is $4.908. Although prices have decreased over the past few weeks from over $5 per gallon, the price decrease only offers a slight relief.

With that said, motorists scramble to save as many dollars as possible when filling up their vehicles. One popular way for customers to save at the pump is by going to convenience store chains with gas stations. For Wisconsin folks, they have Woodman’s Markets.

With only 19 locations in Wisconsin and northern Illinois, Woodman’s is a relatively small supermarket chain with many locations that operate 24 hours a day. For today, let’s take a look at Woodman’s gas prices. What can you expect when filling up at a Woodman’s? Does it have good quality gas? How are the prices compared to the competition?

How Much Does Woodman’s Gas Cost?

UPDATE (9/17/2023): Fuel prices have repeatedly increased during the past few months, adding more burden to consumers at the pump. As per AAA, the national average of fuel is now at $3.876 per gallon, and considerably pushes up inflation.

Although not as large as other supermarket chains, Woodman’s is a beloved company in Wisconsin – boasting high ratings and reviews online. During our research, we found thatShell and BP filed a lawsuit against Woodman’searlier this year for its low fuel prices. Thus, this gives us a clue as to why Woodman’s is popular with Wisconsinites.

For today’s breakdown of Woodman’s gas prices, we’ll once again use GasBuddy. We’ll check out several Woodman’s locations, determine the costs, and compare them with competitors in the area.

  • With over 1,000+ ratings in GasBuddy, the Woodman’s in North Aurora, IL, is quite the hotspot. The location offers per-gallon pricing of $4.99, which also happens to be the lowest price in the area. Interestingly, the second-lowest prices are from CITGO at $5.69 per gallon and BP at $5.75. With almost 70 cents difference, it’s no wonder that Woodman’s is a hit with customers.
  • Meanwhile, the Woodman’s in Kenosha, WI, offers a per-gallon price of $5.19 for regular and $5.49 for premium. It’s also a location with many less favorable reviews. This time, Woodman’s failed to break into Kenosha’s top ten cheapest prices – not even close. The lowest prices are provided by companies like Gulf, S Mart, Mobil, BP, and Speedway, all at $4.69 per gallon.
  • Moving over to Beloit, WI, Woodman’s has a per-gallon price of $4.69 and is also one of the lowest prices in the city. Woodman’s offers more competitive pricing in this location than the competition. The cheapest gas comes from Casey’s at $4.39 per gallon and Stop N Go at $4.49 per gallon.
  • Finally, we revisit Illinois with Woodman’s Carpentersville location. Once again, claiming the top spot in the lowest gas prices in the area, Woodman’s offers a per-gallon price of $5.03 on its North and South Pumps. Companies like Mobil follow it at $5.38 per gallon and Walmart at $5.49 per gallon.

Overall, Woodman’s gas prices are some of the lowest based on our research. In some cases, they’re not even competitive because they offer ridiculously low prices compared to the competition.


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Does Woodman’s Offer Good Gas Quality?

Here at CoPilot, we believe that, for the most part, gas is gas. Provided you’re not filling up at some seed gas stations, the quality is likely not that different - unless you’re talking about TOP TIER fuel brands, which were proven to provide benefits for the vehicle. One of the primary benefits of TOP TIER gas is that ithas fewer carbon depositsthan traditional brands.

According to research by AAA, TOP TIER gas offers 19 times fewer carbon deposits in components such as the intake valves and combustion chamber. Furthermore, AAA has found that TOP TIER fuel provides a cleansing effect and improves overall fuel efficiency.

With that said, Woodman’s gas isn’t a TOP TIER brand. Unfortunately, during our research, we were unable to find some solid articles or references to the quality of Woodman’s gas. On the bright side, we also didn’t see complaints about Woodman’s gas quality or business practices. However, we did find many comments about how Woodman’s is some people’s favorite gas station.


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What are the Ways to Save on Woodman’s Gas Prices?

If you’re looking to stack your gas savings when filling up at Woodman’s gas stations, you’re out of luck. Our research shows Woodman’s doesn’t offer a gas rewards program. Other supermarket chains like Safeway and Krogers have points or reward systems where customers can shop inside the stores and receive gas discounts based on the purchase amount.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Woodman’s offers a fuel savings program for customers. But of course, this may vary from location to location, but as far as we know, Woodman’s doesn’t have such programs. We did find that the company offers digital and printable coupons, but none of them apply to gas sales. While disappointing, it’s understandable because the supermarket chain already has one of the cheapest gas prices in many of its areas of operations.

Tips on How to Save Money at the Pump

Now that you have an idea about Woodman’s gas prices, it’s time for some quick tips to help you save at the pump.

  • Shop around: Remember that convenience is the enemy of savings, which rings true for gas prices. Use gas tracking apps like GasBuddy to search your local area and find the best prices available.
  • Combine your trips: One of the best ways to save gas is to drive less, which means you should also maximize your trips. Combine your errands and knock them down with the fewest trips possible.
  • Use cashback apps: Some apps are more than happy to give you money for the things you already do. For example, the Upside app works with Woodman’s Markets, so you can earn up to 14% cashback on your purchases – money you can use for gas.
  • Consider paying with cash: Cash is hard to beat, even at the pump. Some gas stations charge a lower price when paying cash. Fortunately, Woodman’s only accepts cash, debit, or check, so you’re in the clear.

What’s Up with Gas Prices? [UPDATED 9/17/2023]

According to CNN, US oil prices recently exceeded $90 per barrel, a first in 10 months, hinting at possible gasoline price hikes and heightened inflation. This surge persists despite the end of the high-demand summer driving season. Currently, the national average for gasoline stands at $3.876 per gallon, marking a significant year-on-year rise.

As per the news, there are several reasons why this is the case. Saudi Arabia and Russia have extended their supply cuts until year-end. Plus, the floods in Libya, a key oil provider, raise concerns about supply disruptions, potentially pushing prices higher. Libya’s oil, akin to some US variants, is vital for Europe. A European shortage could increase US demand, which may elevate domestic prices. This trend is also affecting global inflation, with energy costs significantly influencing these price increases.


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Woodman's Gas Prices: Everything You Need To Know (2024)
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